Transforming your side streams into future-proof protein.

PEKILO® is the world’s first commercial mycoprotein, originally developed in Finland in the 1970s. The process has seen more than 15 years of industrial scale operation and the product has been used commercially as a feed ingredient for just as long.




At eniferBio, we are the heirs to this proud legacy, fully owning the original PEKILO® strain, and having privileged access to the
original process solutions employed.

With a history of more than 15 years of industrial scale operation, the PEKILO® process is unique among emerging alternative protein technologies.

But we’ve also taken this incredible piece of engineering many steps further, adapting it to tackle the global protein demand in the 2020s. Using the molecular level of control afforded by modern biotechnology, we have optimized PEKILO® production on a wide variety of by-products from diverse industries and geographies.

As the most efficient known way of producing microbial cell mass, the future opportunities of the PEKILO® process are only limited by imagination.