The tried-and-tested PEKILO® bioprocess helps biorefineries to convert their dilute side streams into a valuable novel source of revenue.

The PEKILO® bioprocess helps to create value from what mostly goes to waste today. At the heart of our continuous bioprocess is a proprietary microfungus capable of rapidly consuming minute quantities of different organic compounds, and that is extremely easy to recover via filtration.

These features make the process simple and extremely cost efficient.

With a history of more than 15 years of industrial scale operation, the PEKILO® process is unique among emerging alternative protein technologies.
With an increased global drive to phase out fossil fuels, more and more of our everyday products will be produced from renewable plant biomass in so-called biorefineries in the future. The key to success in any biorefining process is to waste nothing. The PEKILO® process enables precisely that.
The PEKILO® process provides biorefineries with a valuable new source of revenue, helping advance the bio- and circular economy.