Behind eniferBio is a team of hardcore biorefining experts on a mission.

eniferBio is the brainchild of five co-founders with a strong background in biorefining technologies, bioprocess engineering and fungal biology.

Besides technical nous, each of the founders brings to the table complementary skills in e.g. entrepreneurship, sales, IP and management.

Meet the team

Simo Ellilä

Bioprocess development and overall management

Heikki Keskitalo

Business Development Manager
Markets and customer relations

Joosu Kuivanen

Chief Operating Officer
Financial affairs, IP and admin

Anssi Rantasalo

Chief Scientific Officer
Strain development

Ville Pihlajaniemi

Chief Engineering Officer
Engineering and modelling

Elisa Arte

Ingredient Development Manager
PEKILO mycoprotein ingredient and applications
Besides the founder team, the rebirth of PEKILO® can count of the support of key advisors who were instrumental to the original PEKILO® process (1974-1991).

Prof. (emer.) Aarne Halme

Process automation pioneer, who developed the world’s first automated fungal fermentation process – PEKILO.

Håkan Romantschuk

As the Director of Planning at the heavy industries company Oy Tampella Ab, Håkan oversaw the delivery of the original PEKILO plants.

Board of directors

Mika Kukkurainen

Chairman of the Board – Mika is an experienced food concept and brand developer. Managing Partner at Nordic FoodTech VC.

Pontus Stråhlman

Member of the Board – Pontus is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and startup coach. Partner at Voima Ventures.

Simo Ellilä

Member of the Board

Joosu Kuivanen

Member of the Board