PEKILO® the all-round protein of the future.


PEKILO® mycoprotein has been used successfully for more than 15 years in animal nutrition and is approved for this use in the European Union. The improved PEKILO® by eniferBio has been validated for aquafeed use in a first round of testing, with very promising results and research on use in petfood segment in ongoing.

In May 2022 we announced a partnership aiming to bring PEKILO® protein directly to the dinner table as a nutritional and mild taste new source of protein for food products.

PEKILO® is not only locally produced and sustainable but can also compete with the current standard plant-sourced proteins – on price and performance.

The product contains 65% crude protein, and a balanced amino acid profile equal or better than that of soy. In addition, it contains up to 20% of β-glucan, other fibers and smaller amounts of minerals (6%) and fat (1%).

The promise of PEKILO® is a more sustainable future for global feed and food value chains.