PEKILO® mycoprotein by eniferBio is a sustainable, locally produced and cost competitive alternative for soy protein concentrate for use in aquaculture feeds.


The unique mycoprotein product PEKILO® was originally developed in Finland in the 1970s for use in feed for pigs and poultry. Produced from local forest industry side streams, it provided an important novel domestic source of protein for the feed industry. For more than 15 years, the product was sold at industrial scale, and proved to be an excellent feed material for a range of farmed animals.

The team behind eniferBio is leveraging this unique history to revolutionize aquafeed.

PEKILO® P65 is not only locally produced and sustainable but can also compete with the current standard aquaculture protein – soy protein concentrate – on price and performance.
The product contains 65% crude protein, and a balanced amino acid profile equal or better than that of soy. In addition, it contains up to 20% of β-glucan, other fibers and smaller amounts of minerals (6%) and fat (1%).
The promise of PEKILO® is a more sustainable future for global aquaculture.