eniferBio aims to launch production of sustainable single cell protein by bringing the PEKILO® process back to the 21st century.

Our technology is built on the legacy of the PEKILO® process, a globally pioneering solution developed in Finland in the 1970s. The PEKILO® process employs a fast-growing micro fungus highly tolerant to many growth inhibitors. The fungus converts various organic substances into nutritious cell mass at high yield and productivity. The process provides a valuable product, while simultaneously decreases costs associated with water treatment. The solution allows modern biorefineries to convert their underutilized dilute side streams into valuable single cell protein.

PEKILO® fungus has unique properties which makes it an ideal organism for single cell protein production.

How does it work

You have the stream, we have the fungus! Our unique PEKILO® bioprocess upgrades your low value organic stream to valuable feed protein. We will locate at your site and bring the technology and expertise. Let us take care of your difficult ones!

Our solution’s key benefits in a nutshell:

  1. Where others only see problems, we see opportunities: Very dilute streams? Mixed carbon sources? Inhibitors like furfural, organic acids? We’ll take it!
  2. It is Carbon neutral: Unlike many other SCP processes, our feedstocks are 100% renewable
  3. It is a high-value product: Using our optimized process we generate high-protein product, targeting specific value-added markets such as fish feed
  4. Animals love it: With more than 15 years of safe use in animal feed, Pekilo is an unrivalled SCP feed
  5. Low-risk scale-up: More than 15 years of industrial scale operation means that someone else already paid for the learning curve
  6. Low-scale, low CAPEX: We work with off-the-shelf industrial equipment, significantly lowering CAPEX.

Convinced? Let’s try it with your stream!

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