Our product PEKILO® mycoprotein is a form of single cell protein derived from fungi. It is nutritious and protein rich cell biomass which can be used e.g. as a valuable fish feed ingredient. It can replace soya protein and fish meal in feed applications, both ingredients associated with significant environmental challenges, such as rainforest deforestation or overfishing. PEKILO® protein is produced from underutilized and 100% renewable organic raw material streams from biorefineries. This enables production of environmentally sustainable protein ingredient for growing feed market. In addition, the production takes place in closed bioreactors (no arable land required!) where nutrients and water are efficiently utilized. PEKILO® protein has also been succesfully used in feed applications over a decade, representing the world’s longest running single cell protein process for feed applications.

Dried PEKILO® protein can be used as a feed ingredient.
Fish farming is growing rapidly due to rising fish demand and declining wild fish populations. © Raisioaqua Oy.

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