About us

eniferBio is a biotech pre-startup with unique expertise in development of fungal bioprocesses. We operate currently under VTT LaunchPad deep tech startup incubator.

Why Pekilo protein?

The new millennium has seen unprecedented growth in emerging economies, particularly in East Asia. Billions of people have been lifted out of poverty and aspire to a middle class lifestyle similar to that enjoyed in the West. This expanding middle class has fueled explosive growth in demand for animal protein, in turn driving the need for more animal feed. To sate the growing global appetite for protein, cattle rearing and soybean farming have grown in an unsustainable manner. At the same time, global awareness of global warning and environmental degradation has increased, leading to a resurgence in interest for sustainable protein manufacturing technologies, such as single cell protein. Especially, cultivation of Pekilo fungus provides attractive opportunities due to its demonstrated use in feed applications and industrial compatibility. In addition, the future development and growth potential is huge as new suitable raw material streams are becoming online at increasing speed.


Simo Ellilä, CEO
Overall management, stakeholder relations and international expansion
Simo has a strong background in developing biorefining technologies in Finland and Brazil, in addition to sales and project management experience.

Joosu Kuivanen, CSO
Management of R&D portfolio, marketing
DSc in fungal bioengineering. Joosu has a strong background in metabolic engineering, in addition to serving as a Reserach Funding Specialist. Expert in securing and executing R&D projects.

Anssi Rantasalo, CFO
Financial, regulatory, legal and IP issues

DSc in fungal bioengineering. At VTT Anssi has developed key technologies for fungal platforms, that are currently being applied by increasing number of companies in the field.

Ville Pihlajaniemi, COO
Setting up lab and pilot operations
DSc in bioproduct technology. Ville has extensive experience in developing and piloting biorefining processes.

Heikki Keskitalo, CTO
Overall process development and integration
Heikki has spent years studying the Pekilo process and is key to the succesful optimization and industrialization of the process.

Future vision

eniferBio team has a unique combination of process expertise and skills to engineer exotic microfungi. Our future vision is to broaden the product portfolio for the Pekilo process by tailoring the fungus for specific needs and by optimising the process for new raw material streams. eniferBio targets globally widely available complex and diluted organic streams (e.g. vinasse) whose refining has previously provided little added value or their disposable causes negative net cost. We at eniferBio believe that our solution represents increasingly important role on the way towards circular economy and sustainable feed production.

Pekilo microfungus engineered by eniferBio team to produce red fluorescent protein.