About us

eniferBio is a biotech startup created under VTT LaunchPad deep tech startup incubator in 2019.


Simo Ellilä, CEO/CTO, Co-Founder
Overall management, stakeholder relations and international expansion
Simo has a strong background in biorefining technologies in Finland and Brazil, having been involved in the development of three major industrial projects. In addition, at VTT he has gathered significant experience in sales, contractual issues, IP and project management. An avid globetrotter, Simo has lived in 4 countries and speaks 5 languages. has been organizing the launch of the company by building connections to biorefineries globally, securing funding and validating key technological assumptions.

Joosu Kuivanen, Chief Asset Management Officer, Co-Founder
Asset management, finance & IP lead, corporate governance & communication
DSc in fungal bioengineering. Joosu has a strong background in industrial biotechnology and metabolic engineering R&D. He also has extensive experience in securing national and European public R&D funding and experience in IPR protection.

Anssi Rantasalo, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder
Pekilo strain R&D & regulatory

DSc in fungal bioengineering. At VTT Anssi has developed key technologies for fungal platforms, that are currently being applied by increasing number of companies in the field. Anssi’s technical prowess will be vital in the development of improved Pekilo strains.

Ville Pihlajaniemi, Chief Engineering Officer, Co-Founder
Setting up lab and pilot operations, technoeconomic & process modelling
DSc in bioproduct technology. Ville has extensive experience in developing and piloting biorefining processes. Ville has been building the business case through technoeconomic analyses. This has allowed eniferBio to focus only on partnerships with future potential. Ville is responsible for technoeconomical and process modelling, as well as building and optimizing the pilot infrastructure.

Heikki Keskitalo, Chief Customer Officer, Co-Founder
Customer & relationship management
MSc in molecular biology. Heikki has spent years studying the Pekilo process and is key to the successful optimization and industrialization of the process. Heikki has been essential in bringing in all the know-how accumulated from the original Pekilo process, as well as contacts to key partners particularly in the feed sector.

Future vision

eniferBio team has a unique combination of process expertise and skills to engineer exotic microfungi. Our future vision is to broaden the product portfolio for the PEKILO® process by tailoring the fungus for specific needs and by optimising the process for new raw material streams. eniferBio targets globally widely available complex and diluted organic streams whose refining has previously provided little added value or their disposable causes negative net cost. We at eniferBio believe that our solution represents increasingly important role on the way towards circular economy and sustainable feed production.

PEKILO® microfungus engineered by eniferBio team to produce red fluorescent protein.