May 6, 2021, Espoo, Finland

EniferBio, the Finnish biotech start-up producing the mycoprotein PEKILO® and Award-winner of the Nutreco Feed (&Food) Tech Challenge (NFTC) today announced the successful completion of process piloting trials. The aim of the trial was to supply a protein-based ingredient for salmon feeding studies conducted by Skretting, a global leader in the production of feeds for farmed fish and shrimp.

Last year, eniferBio was crowned winner of the NFTC, an innovation challenge hosted by Nutreco, global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. The grand prize is a scientific validation trial conducted by Skretting, the aquaculture division of Nutreco, on eniferBio’s product in Atlantic Salmon. (learn more on Nutreco Challenge:

To produce the required quantities for the trial, eniferBio teamed up with Tereos, a global leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets. Tereos provided the raw material for the trial, in the form of vinasse, a by-product from the production of beet-based ethanol. The process of eniferBio allows the efficient conversion of dilute side streams such as vinasse into a valuable aquaculture protein ingredient.

The process trials, which aim at confirming the high nutritional value of the PEKILO® protein, were carried out at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland at a 1 m3 scale for more than 200 hours of continuous operation. The obtained protein is currently used to perform the aquafeed trials at the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre’s facilities in Norway.

About eniferBio

eniferBio, a spin-off company from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, was founded in 2020 to further develop and commercialize the company owned PEKILO® technology. Originally developed and used by the Finnish forest industry at commercial scale, the PEKILO® technology enables biotechnological conversion of dilute biorefining side streams into a high-protein ingredient, PEKILO® mycoprotein. eniferBio aims to bring sustainably produced protein ingredients to market, especially for use in aquafeed.

About Skretting

Skretting is the global aquafeed division of Nutreco, a subsidiary of SHV. Skretting provides innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry and is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds. It delivers fish and shrimp feeds and services worldwide for the sustainable production of fish and shrimp. Skretting’s feed production in 2020 alone produced over 21 million portions of seafood per day globally.

About Tereos

Tereos is a Cooperative Group which unites 12,000 farmers around a recognized know-how in the processing of sugar beet, sugar cane, wheat, corn, potatoes, cassava and alfalfa. Through 48 industrial sites, a presence in 18 countries and the commitment of its 22 300 employees, Tereos supports its customers with a broad and complementary range of products. As a global leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets, Tereos is contributing through innovation to healthy and sustainable food, to the conversion of biomass and to an improvement of agronomic and industrial processes.

For more information: Simo Ellilä,, +35840 5675 786